• DJ Moreese - Welcome to Heaven

  • DJ Kevin Hicks - Upper Side Paradise

  • DJ Iceman - Rise up

  • Booming B - lifted up

Jan Session

“Come back to Life, happiness and love while playing music”. You should be able to let your worries and weekly stress go while listening or dancing with a DJ.

DJ’s should not only blend two records together but feeling to lift and inspire your crowds!

Today more than ever with the state of our world we need to enjoy GOOD MUSIC! We need to experience the exhilarating sensation while the DJ takes you higher. We need to allow music to bring us together for a brighter tomorrow!

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Your Set On Mixing4U

Would you like to have your set on mixing4U?

Your set has to be Gospel House only, no stamps or talk over. It needs to be at least 65 minutes and the minimum quality accepted is 160 Kbps (256 kbps preferred).
Please upload your set (Hightail or other) and send us the link for download to info@mixing4u.com

Thank you for helping us to spread love through music, Gospel House Music.

Why Mixing4U has been off-air for such a long time?
DJ Ministries (www.djministries.com) has been around for 20 years. Can you imagine the amount of time and money we need to produce, edit, air, and stream the show?

As Mixing4U was one of the most loved Gospel House Shows in the world, costs for production and streaming went through the ceiling, and with little financial support from listeners, we had no option but to stop streaming at once.

We want to continue share the sets for free, but if everyone listening to the show give a contribution, we will be able to cover production and streaming costs. However, if listeners support does not happen, we may not be able to cover the costs and would have to stop the site again.

So, your financial support is crucial to keep Mixing4U around.
To show your appreciation and support us financially, please send email for info@mixing4u.com for more information

Thank you so much for your Support.