Relaunch Mixing4U

Mixing4U will be back with a new design and loads of Gospel House Music.

To have your set feature on our Website, please write to

  • Frank Vibe - On earth as it is in heaven

  • Frank Vibe - Rise

Mixing4U Lauched on October 2005 in London UK.

When I was living in London – UK and managing DJ Ministries, I received from the post a CD with a set of one hour of Gospel House sent to Radio DJ by DJ Frank Vibe.
I listen and loved Gospel House Music beat.
From that, we had the idea to start Mixing4U, which was launched in October 2005 in London UK.
DJ Booming B from Germany helped a lot with the logos and website at the beginning.
Thank you so much Booming B.

Years passed, people loved Mixing4U but with a growing audience, the costs of production and specially streaming were very high.
Without listener’s support to finance the streaming costs, we had no option to press pause on the project.
After long years, we are back now with a brand new website produced by Alexandre @kauatan in Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.
I hope you enjoy the new website and give us your financial support to keep thngs going.
Thank you for helping us to spread love through music, Gospel House Music.
Marcos Falcon
Managing Director
DJ Ministries