Exclusive Remix – Al Homes

This is one of my most request mixes lately from the jubilee at 3 on Inspiration 1390 on IHeart Radio.

Listen, enjoy, share download and take it with you everywhere. Featuring my exclusive remix of Kem’s “JESUS” & “Break Every Chain”.

Along with 3 Winans brothers with Clark sisters, and more.

  • Al Holmes - I Heart Radio Gospel

  • Al Homes - Hot-Mix

30+ year DJ veteran in Chicago, also produces and remix. 5 years till present as the feature DJ for the Jubilee @ 3 gospel mix on Inspiration 1390.

A 25 minute mix featuring Gospel & Gospel house music. A string of E.P.’s and singles under the Power mix group 1 record label featuring various EDM, Chicago House, Tech House, & Gospel House